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About Us

Venetus is here to provide programs that support individuals struggling with alcohol and drug dependency.
 Venetus Wellness Programs
Providing natural services to addiction recovery treatments

Venetus Wellness, Alcohol and Drug Recovery has a Professional team of experts with varying backgrounds and longstanding experience in Medicine, Psychology, Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Natural Products and Supplements.

Your recovery is personally tailored to your specific needs

Director – Dr Barharlou

Souzan Baharlou (MD), a Doctor with vast expertise in Natural Medicine, Supplements, Diet and Nutrition is the founder of the Venetus Wellness, Alcohol and Drug Recovery. She has several articles published in peer reviewed journals and has an array of clinical and research experience behind her.

Her current work is focused on natural health and wellness treatments where she provides professional advice on health and well being. Here she utilizes her unique holistic approach that takes into account all aspects of each individual’s life. She combines natural products with lifestyle modifications, mindfulness, as well as dietary and nutritional programs to improve clients’ lives through natural approaches.




Dietician and Nutritionist

Addiction Specialist – Dr Jafari

Siavash Jafari (MD), a Doctor with 18 years of clinical and research experience is a Physician at Venetus Wellness, Alcohol and Drug Recovery. Dr. Jafari graduated from medical school in 1999 and pursued a Masters in Clinical Epidemiology.

He then obtained his specialty training in Public Health and Preventive Medicine followed by Fellowship in Mental Health and Addiction at UBC. He is a Board Certified Physician and a fellow member of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada. He is also a Board Certified Member of the American Board of the Addiction Medicine. Dr. Jafari has practiced and conducted research in numerous areas of Addiction Medicine, Mental Health, Preventive Medicine and Chronic Pain. He has gone on to publish over thirty peer-reviewed articles on a variety of health topics and has been a presenter in more than fifty scientific conferences and events. He is also a peer reviewer for multiple scientific medical journals.

Dr. Jafari is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia and he is a highly skilled Physician in the areas of Mental Health, Addiction and Chronic Pain. He works in multiple Government-run Medical Clinics, Detox and Recovery Programs. Venetus Wellness Addiction and Recovery also has a large team of Professionals, such as Addiction Counselors, Massage Therapists, Psychotherapists, Yoga and Recreation Instructors and Social Workers. Our staff takes pride in their extensive experience and hands-on expertise in the Medical Field, as well as within the areas of Mental Health and Well-Being. We work with our clients closely one-to-one, so we can explore each of our client’s needs and then further design specific programs that are customized and tailored to them individually. Venetus Wellness Alcohol and Drug Recovery is connected to Medicare Medical Clinics in Vancouver and Coquitlam. Our patients are followed up by these clinics, both during and after their recovery. Our goal is to provide support after recovery to reduce the risk of relapse. Clients will have access to all necessary treatment programs where we provide comprehensive care for alcohol, drugs, mental health and addiction issues.

Your first step on your journey to recovery

To improve the physical health and mental health of individuals who are suffering from


Alcohol dependence and alcohol related harms by providing them professional and scientific.


Guidance with alcohol recovery.


To assist communities in dealing with issues raised by alcohol dependence by sharing our expertise and using a holistic approach.

We take responsibility for ensuring we conduct ourselves in the utmost professional manner and remain open and transparent in our communication in every respect.
We believe in providing best practices while always focusing on continual improvement and growth to better serve individuals and communities.
We believe in providing approaches that are grounded in caring and understanding.
Client Centered
We believe in services that are responsive to the needs of the individual.
We believe in the worth and dignity of each individual and the populations we serve.
We believe that creating a diverse team and working collaboratively and positively together will best benefit individuals and communities.
Scientific Innovation
We hire evidence based methods from contemporary and traditional medicine that have been proven to be effective in treatment of alcohol dependance





4993 Duchess Street, Vancouver BC V5R 6E5

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